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Customers no longer need to travel to Bela-Bela, Limpopo to collect fertile eggs, vaccinations or poultry equipment. The RJR Group is using on behalf of many customers “THE COURIER GUYS” to collect and deliver, just no live stock.

Should the customer suggest and agree that we use “THE COURIER GUYS” we the RJR TEAM then call the company to come and collect the goods ordered, once the goods have been handed over to “THE COURIER GUYS” the RJR GROUP team then notifies the customer, providing the customer with the waybill tracking number and the link to the “THE COURIER GUYS” official tracking web page, once this is handed over via, SMS, WHATSAPP or EMAIL, from this point forward, it will be the full responsibility of the customer to follow the tracking of the parcel/s until collected or received.


  • The RJR GROUP will ensure, that all goods are packet and marked correctly before  collection, once the goods have been collected, the RJR GROUP cannot be held responsible for any losses, such as late delivery, damage goods or stolen goods or any possible claim made directly to and against the RJR GROUP. It is we be the customers responsibility to take matters further directly with “THE COURIER GUYS”. 
  • Customers have 2 options to choose when paying for this service. (1) The customer can make the payment & instruct for  the collection directly with “THE COURIER GUYS” in Bela-Bela OR (2) The RJR GROUP can make the arrangements directly with the “THE COURIER GUYS” in Bela-Bela,  changing the customer on the invoice, separately as a service item to the customers invoice.

It is agreed by the customer that, no claim can be make against the  RJR GROUP for any loses using  “THE COURIER GUYS” service. 


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