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Rhode Island

Rhode Island chickens are a very popular dual purpose poultry breed. The red variety is capable of producing 200- 250 large eggs annually, however the cock is very aggressive. This must be taken into account before choosing this particular breed as a pet or mixing it with other varieties. The Rhode Island has yellow shanks and performs well under most conditions and rarely goes broody. Rhode Island Chickens  ODER NOW

Breed Standard and Appearance A Rhode Island Red Rooster. The Rhode Island Red was accepted to the American Poultry Association in 1904. The rose-combed variety was accepted in 1906. They are considered to be ‘American class – large fowl, clean legged’. It was accepted to the British Poultry Standard in 1909.

The Rhode Island Red is an American breed of domestic chicken. It is the state bird of Rhode Island. It was developed there and in Massachusetts in the late nineteenth century, by cross-breeding birds of Oriental origin such as the Malay with brown Leghorn birds from Italy.
Primary use: dual-purpose meat/eggs
Egg production (annual): 260
Egg size: Large
Temperament: Hardy
Recognized variety: Rose Comb, Single Comb
Egg color: Brown


The Rhode Island Red is a true heritage chicken breed picked as a great choice for egg production. Many breeders breed the Rhode Island Red chicken for show

Soft feather – heavy


Various shades of red with some black. There is also a white feathered Rhode Island (white is however very rare).


Rhode Island, Red Male – Bantam

Estimated Weight

Cock 3.9 Kg
Hen 3.0 Kg
Cockerel 3.4 Kg
Pullet 2.5 Kg

Bantam Variety Rhode Island

Rooster 790 – 910 g
Hen 690 – 790 g

Egg Colour


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