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The Orpington Chickens For Sale is one of the main ancestors of the world commercial egg laying record holder, the Australorp. The Orpington originated from the United Kingdom and averages 200- 220 eggs per year. The Orpington is also well known for its lazy traits, and although lazy, is well renowned for its dual ability to provide decent eggs and meat. The Orpington demonstrates good mothering abilities. This breed is more of a show bird rather than utility bird, due to its decent size, soft appearance and very attractive and rich colour. Orpington Chickens For Sale

Buff Orpington are beautiful, lovely-natured hens that lay light brown eggs. They are happy free-ranging or in a large run. They are a heavy breed traditionally Get Quote

The Orpington: William Cook established a poultry business in 1869 at St Mary Cray, a village near the town of Orpington in Kent. Here he bred various poultry, made hen houses, and stocked all the necessary appliances and equipment to sell to his main intended customers, the many thousands of domestic poultry keepers in London and the surrounding suburban towns. He launched his ‘Black Orpington’ in 1886, a breed he made from a mix of Black Minorca,
birds from Partington, or made their own in a similar way. Although Cook complained about the way ’his’ breed had been changed by other people, he realised he couldn’t stop the popular trend, and when Partington died in 1901, Cook bought birds at the dispersal auction.


Soft feather – heavy


Orpington, White Male


Black, white, buff & blue

Average Weight

Rooster 4.5 Kg
Hen 3.6 – 4.8 Kg
Cockerel 3.8 Kg
Pullet 3.2 Kg

Bantam Variety Orpington

Rooster 2.0 Kg
Hen 1.6 Kg

Egg Colour


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