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How to Order

We have made ordering as simple as possible!


Ordering Process We deliver to most parts of the South Africa and some parts of the Neighbouring CountriesAir freight options to all airports nationally. Ordering Process

See the basic process below as well as a link to download our Order Form.


We have tried to simplify our ordering process as much as possible, whilst still ensuring that we obtain accurate delivery information so as to minimise errors.

Chicks can be successfully road or air freighted, provided they do not spend more than about 18 hours in total before they are settled into their new home and have access again to food and water. It is for this reason that we may not be able to deliver to all areas, and it may be necessary for you to collect your chicks from a nearby town or depot. Please feel free to speak to us about where you are located and what delivery options exist before placing your order.

Ordering Process

Once you have decided to purchase, and we have confirmed and discussed the delivery method, the process that we follow is detailed below:

  1. Download the Order Form here. More information is detailed on the Order Form.
  2. Email the completed order form to
  3. We will contact you and confirm receipt, as well as your delivery details.
  4. An invoice will be issued and sent to you for payment.
  5. Orders are usually despatched on Friday afternoons, for delivery on Saturday mornings, but arrangements can be made for deliveries outside of these days. Arrangements have been made so that the chicks travel at night to minimise heat and stress.
  6. You will be sent a photo of your chicks immediately before their box is closed, as well as a copy of any relevant documentation for tracking purposes.
  7. Chicks are transported in specially designed boxes, and we put some feed in the boxes for the chicks to consume during their journey, but obviously no water can be supplied during transit. Please ensure that you settle your chicks without delay upon arrival, and that they have access to fresh feed and water immediately.
  8. Air freight orders will be discussed individually due to varying flight times and schedules.

Please feel free to contact us telephonically should you have any questions, or should you wish to make alternate arrangements.