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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Chickens As the name suggests the New Hampshire originates from New Hampshire in the US and formed the basis of the early broiler industry, although it is a dual purpose bird. Its shanks and toes are of rich yellow colour. They possess a deep, broad body, grow feathers very rapidly, are prone to go broody and make good mothers. Most pin feathers are a reddish buff in colour and, therefore, do not detract from the carcass appearance very much.  These good, medium-sized meat chickens have fair egg-laying ability (280 eggs/year). Some strains lay eggs of a dark brown shell colour. New Hampshire breed is competitive and aggressive. New Hampshire Chickens

The New Hampshire was developed in 1915 from a strain of Rhode Island Red brought into the state of New Hampshire. The breed was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1935. They represent a specialized selection out of the Rhode Island Red breed.

Point of Lay-hens Dual purpose, free ranging chicken with laying capabilities as well as a large structure for meat production. Should have a normal physical structure and shape and free from any diseases or defects. A caramel/brown shade of feathers, with white feathers in a pattern around their necks, and white feathers at the tips of their tail feathers appearance. Feathers: Clean, bright, not puffed up. Legs: Normal and free from all diseases and defects.

Although they look very similar to the Rhode Island Red, the New Hampshire never attained the runaway success that the Rhode Island Red did.

It was overshadowed by the success of the Rhode Island Red even though the two were created just several years apart. The fact that they look very similar may have had something to do with it.

This is a shame since this bird has much to offer the modern homesteader as a true dual purpose hen.

Today we are going to discuss this often overlooked bird and see if it would fit into your flock. We will look at its history and origins, before discussing the known color varieties, temperament, egg laying abilities and much more


Rare heavy feather – soft


This breed is medium to light red in colour, fading in the sunshine.

New Hampshire
New Hampshire

New Hampshire Red Bantam


Large New Hampshire

Cock 3.9 Kg
Hen 3.0 Kg

Bantam Variety New Hampshire

Rooster 980 g
Hen 737 g

Egg Colour


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