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Eggs Supply Business Solutions

RJR Chicken & Eggs Supply Business Solutions has the textbook poultry solutions when it comes to ‘free-range’ chicken farming as a business.

We manufacture and produce full solutions, from ready-made breeding houses, portable container chicken coops, chicken sick-bays, incubators, portable chicken retail units, portable hatcheries & portable abattoir units, all solutions catering for the small to medium poultry farmer.

Layer farming or chicken egg farming for egg production, though laborious is a very profitable and rewarding business. It’s a business you could start on a small-scale with as little as 250 birds and grow as you start to make profits. The term layer refers to hens that are kept because of their ability to lay eggs. The birds begin to lay egg daily from twenty weeks old and continue to do so for the next fifteen weeks, at the end of which the exhausted birds are sold off as meat for profit.

We now keep and sell around 50 pure breeds, hatching eggs in season and due to popular demand 11 colours of point of lay hyrbrids.

About Us

We have massive experience in the Poultry business, we are Sole Owners of our Farms and we Guarantee top quality in all our Products.

Since 1998 the founding members were included in poultry farming on a large scale, both breeding and laying farms. During this time they became aware of the importance of biosecurity in intensive farming operations. As a result of their experience in chemical research, they started to investigate the composition of existing poultry disinfections and the efficiency thereof.

They identified the need for a new range of effective broad spectrum disinfectants as it became clear that a lot of pathogens were resistant to existing products. Consequently, they developed a new range of poultry disinfectants in conjunction with the laboratory of a major chicken producer.

Eggs Supply Business Solutions

Portable Abattoir

RJR Chicken & Eggs  Supply Poultry Business Solutions has the textbook poultry solutions when it comes to 'free-range' chicken farming as a business.


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