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R and J Chicken & Eggs Supply has grown into the leader in Day-Old Broiler Chicks distribution around the country to medium and small scale farmers

Through our specially designed fleet we are able to guarantee the best quality chicks are delivered to farms timeously throughout the whole country. At RJR Chicken & Eggs Supply we believe that the first 7 days of these chicks lives are the most import and this starts at the hatcheries where we collect our chicks.  Day-Old Broiler Chicks

Our hatcheries have been hand pick and meet our hygiene stands which we guarantee to our clients.

R and R Chicken & Eggs Supply delivers Day Old Broiler chicks to most hubs in SA and we are always excited to add new routes to our program.

At R and J Chicken & Eggs Supply we encourage all farmers to farm with only first grade Day old Chicks , whether you buy chicks from RJR Chicken & Eggs Supply or another supplier do not jeopardise your farming activity by using sub-standard Day Old Chicks.

RJR Chicken & Eggs Supply acquires day old chicks from hatcheries which are then each reared for 34 days on average prior to slaughter.RJR Chicken & Eggs Supply broilers grow app. 700,000 broilers every 7 weeks for Daybreak Farms, with whom we have a production contract. The chickens are raised in 22 area environmentally controlled houses, which are monitored with computers. The broiler houses were all upgraded in 2012/2013 from open sided (naturally ventilated houses) to environmentally controlled houses for improved production and increased densities. A total of 7.5 cycles are completed each year, during which each 2,100 tons of feed is consumed. Performance is closely monitored and adjustments made when required to either management or nutrition.


Day Old Broiler Chicks Cobb 500 – Supplied by Cobb SA & Ross 308

100 1st Grade Chicks Per Box Including:-

  • ND & IB Sprays, Vaxxitek & Chick box


100 1st Grade Chicks Per Box Including:-

  • ND & IB Sprays, Chick Box

R 600,00

100 2nd Grade Chicks Per Box Including:-

  • ND & IB Sprays, Chick Box


Minimum Order 10 Boxes (1000 Chicks)