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The Ancona Free Range Chicken originates from Italy and although this particular bird displays a tendency to be flighty, it is easy to train and makes a great breed for family and backyard producers. After a period of gentle care Ancona’s become a lot more trusting, however, it is still necessary to either clip their wings or ensure that they are completely fenced in. Traditionally, the Ancona variety is not overly broody and if managed correctly can produce up to 250 eggs per year. There is also a bantam Ancona which weighs significantly less than the pure Ancona. The appearance of the Ancona is characterised by colouring that is black (referred to as ‘beetle-green’) mottled with white, has spread out toes and yellow legs mottled with black. The Ancona is thought to be related to the Leghorn and in Germany the breed is called Mottled Leghorns. Ancona Free Range Chicken

Point of Lay-hens Dual purpose, free ranging chicken with laying capabilities as well as a large structure for meat production. Should have a normal physical structure and shape and free from any diseases or defects. A caramel/brown shade of feathers, with white feathers in a pattern around their necks, and white feathers at the tips of their tail feathers appearance. Feathers: Clean, bright, not puffed up. Legs: Normal and free from all diseases and defects.


Soft feather – light




The Ancona is beetle green with white tips and a distinctive v-shaped marking on its feathers.

Ancona Free Range Chicken

Ancona, Clipped Male


Large Ancona

Rooster 2.7-3 Kg
Hen 2.25 – 2.5 Kg

Bantam Variety Ancona

Ancona Free Range Chicken

Ancona, Female

Rooster 570 – 680 g
Hen 510 – 620 g

Egg Colour

White to cream


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